Because Tiffany is an artist, she has an excellent sense of color and attention to visual detail that I suspect escapes most designers. When we were in the process of painting the house prior to the open house, she insisted that the upper floor change color. I was skeptical but followed her advice; I'm very glad I did because the gray she had chosen made the bedrooms feel both spacious and peaceful. She noticed small things like different wood stain colors on the fireplace mantel - once we corrected that, the fireplace looked fantastic and authentic; I wished I had done it earlier.


Tiffany was absolutely incredible. She staged our entire row home and handled everything so we didn't have to. She was up front on what we should expect price-wise and we didn't pay a penny more than what she quoted us. Her advice on paint color, touch-ups, etc., if followed, will yield outstanding results. My motto is "Just trust her!" Our house was on the market less than 48 hours before going under contract and went $30,000 over asking!


Tiffany’s recent staging of my last two listings was nothing short of miraculous! She staged one vacant and one lived in property. In vacant property, she recommended to the seller to add built-ins to a much needed area in the family room and cover HVAC ducting which added thousands of dollars in value to the home. She knows exactly how to add color, accessories and furniture to truly capture the most discerning buyer. In the lived in listing, she worked closely with skeptical sellers and made them very comfortable with the process who continue to “sing her praises” to this day! Both homes sold for significantly over list price!



Tiffany did an excellent job with staging our house. She came in and had great ideas for simple little changes that made a huge difference in the overall aesthetic. One thing that stands out was our entryway in which she used pieces we already had mixed with items she brought in and made an amazing first impression when walking in our home. It is no surprise that our home sold for well over our asking price... and right away -after Tiffany made it look magazine ready!


The only -- and I mean only -- reason my Capitol Hill house sold in hours is the spellbinding mojo Tiff worked with it.

With precision ingenuity and an artist’s eye for detail, she transformed a grungy bachelor pad into a magnificent oasis befitting Architectural Digest. She created a singular mélange, blending exquisite taste with logical, functional pieces that accentuated the house’s strong points and strengthened those that well, needed lots of love.

My house, a frog, quickly became a prince. The only problem was I wanted to move back in after the transformation.

The word genius has been worn smooth over the years from overuse, but when I say Tiff is a bona fide staging genius, it’s no exaggeration. And I’m not exactly an easy customer to please.

To borrow a phrase from the corporatocracy, she adds major value at every turn.

There are collaborators and then there are partners. Tiff is a true partner. I came from a sales background, and it’s refreshing to find a professional so vested in the right solution for you, the customer, instead of what’s best for the service provider. It cut the stress of selling my house by two-thirds.

In such a competitive city, what often gets lost in the shuffle is the value of doing business with such a conscientious, warm and sweet person in a city not famous for the latter two attributes. The older I get, the more important these qualities become to me when I’m seeking a business partner.

You will not find someone with a greater combination of impeccable work ethic and luminous gifts for spatial imagination and creativity.

Please consider this my ultimate endorsement. Do not pass go. Worry about other things and leave the staging to a pro’s pro. Tiff will knock it out of the park.


While I was overseas, Tiffany and her team made amazing changes to my listed property. They suggested things I had never thought of ( changing a white wall to black, replacing the knobs on the kitchen cabinets, putting in recessed lighting, etc) and they oversaw the reno process while I was away. I returned to a fabulously staged property that sold for close to $40k OVER LIST PRICE. If you want to make that kind of money- use Masterpiece Staging and Design!!
I can’t recommend them highly enough. 



I am so glad I hired Tiffany and her team to help me with my kitchen/ dining room reno! They are amazingly talented and have great ideas. They make the process so much easier. I can’t recommend them more highly!!


Tiffany and her team continue to impress us with what they do with the spaces for our clients. Time and time again I see the investment of letting her work her magic pay a client back in spades and it's something I recommend to almost everyone.

Her attention to detail, timeliness and great attitude makes her the perfect person to partner with on any project. Can't wait for the next one.



Tiffany has impeccable design sense and a fun energetic personality that makes working with her an amazing experience! Tiffany's work is beyond amazing! Her unique view as an artist and a Certified Staging Professional makes her as asset to anyone hiring her to stage or decorate their home. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make their home or listing stand out from the crowd! She is truly a Masterpiece!